michael j fox anne heche michael j fox 550 'The Michael J. Fox Show' episode 5, 'Interns': Mike fears Eve has the worst possible mentor

Ah, that first step into the working world.
Eve (Juliette Goglia) takes it in “Interns,” Thursday’s (Oct. 17) episode of NBC’s “The Michael J. Fox Show.” Mike (Michael J. Fox) arranges an internship for her at his TV station, reasoning he’s doing “what any good dad would do: I forced her to be an unpaid laborer.”
Though Eve wants Mike to “not treat me like a child” in the workplace, he hands her a lollipop as soon as they enter the newsroom. She’s not any more heartened when boss Harris (Wendell Pierce) points out someone who’s been an intern “for nine years.” 
To Mike’s great chagrin, Eve finds an immediate mentor in his anchorwoman nemesis Susan (Anne Heche), with whom Mike was hoping to strike “a truce” from their mutual snark. The menial tasks Mike hands Eve make Susan’s offer of “something more interesting to do” all the more attractive to the teen.
After Eve tells Mike and Annie (Betsy Brandt) she had an “amazing” first day, Mike whines that Susan “stole her from me!” He poses that to Susan later, but the anchor disputes the suggestion she’s trying to turn Eve against him … leaving Mike maintaining, “I’m not going to play some stupid game to win back my own daughter.”
Until seconds later, when he asks Harris for the use of a helicopter for a story. Harris’ response: “For what? For the library thing?”

michael fox juliette goglia 'The Michael J. Fox Show' episode 5, 'Interns': Mike fears Eve has the worst possible mentor

Susan’s tutelage makes Eve a decoy for an expose on underage drinking. “Susan doesn’t need your help,” Mike advises his offspring. “She’s just using you to get to me.” Which only sends Eve deeper into Susan’s corner, especially when Mike tells his daughter she’s “a helpless pawn.”
Even without having her along, Mike has boxed himself into using the waiting helicopter, which Harris claims eats up “a dinosaur a day” in fuel. And the reporter has to bring along the intern of nine years’ standing, who points out, “My stomach is not great with air travel.”
Returning after the ride, Mike reveals he had some stomach distress himself while flying over New York City. And his distress doesn’t end there, as he learns Eve is at a bar — “and grill,” Harris adds — doing the underage-drinking story with Susan.
Just after Eve orders a Manhattan, Mike shows up and thwarts the intended report, recorded by Susan’s blouse “button-cam.” Back at the station, Harris watches the feed of Mike going ballistic and laments, “And I put that man in charge of a helicopter.”
Later, Mike tries to make up with Eve by telling her, “Sometimes, I still think of you as a little girl. The truth is, what you are now is way better.” Eve admits she knew Susan was using her, “but I was using her, too. I got to do a pretty cool story. And I got some new clothes.” And, Mike says, “You almost got a free drink.”
Mike claims he won’t stand in Eve’s way if she wants to keep working with Susan, conceding she’s “a pretty damn good reporter. I taught her everything she knows.” But he also allows that Susan may have learned some tricks on her own … and to make him “feel better,” Eve hands Mike’s lollipop back to him, accompanied by a daughterly kiss.
She then goes one better, sabotaging the recording of Mike’s meltdown at the bar so Susan can’t use it against him. Eve then invites Mike to lunch, making him so proud that he asks someone to take a picture. And as she turns and walks away in embarrassment, he follows her pleading, “Wait! Wait! Come back!”
What did you think of Susan’s mentoring of Eve on “The Michael J. Fox Show”? 
Posted by:Jay Bobbin