michael j fox chris christi 'The Michael J. Fox Show' Episode 8, 'Bed Bugs': Gov. Chris Christie has his sitcom moment, literally

Who was the mystery guest teased in ads for “The Michael J. Fox Show” as being so top-secret, NBC’s legal department supposedly ordered no advance mention?

It actually wasn’t such a secret … at least not to those who have been keeping tabs on the sitcom’s casting. Thursday’s (Nov. 7) episode “Bed Bugs” revealed the guest in question was newly re-elected New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, whose exact date of appearance on the show had been kept mum until his bid for a second term was complete.

Actually, he wasn’t the first interview TV newsman Mike (Fox) had in the story. First was a cat … yes, a cat. Harris (Wendell Pierce) handed the feline to Mike, who lamented not having the big newsmaker interviews he used to do. The boss promised him that for next time, “We’ll get you something good.”

Guess what or, rather, who that turned out to be? Indeed, it was the leader of the Garden State. Christie didn’t show up until more than halfway through the tale, as Mike entered the newsroom completely exhausted, thanks to wife Annie (Betsy Brandt) and houseguest Leigh (Katie Finneran) coming in late and loud — and intoxicated — the night before.

“I’m so glad to see you back,” Christie told Mike, adding as the interview officially began, “I find your story so inspiring. There’s been a lot of speculation … and I feel so inspired, I think I should make an announcement.”

Whatever that was going to be, Mike wasn’t exactly braced for it: He’d fallen sound asleep in the chair opposite the politician. He was rustled back awake, but the big moment had passed. And thus ended the governor’s much-anticipated, ultimately very brief sitcom debut.

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Posted by:Jay Bobbin