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In her post-MTV life, “The Hills” star Kristin Cavallari has been putting a lot of her energy into her acting career. And it has apparently paid off. The reality star-turned actress guest stars in Wednesday’s (Feb. 16) episode of “The Middle.”
After doing a couple meetings with executives and the producers of the ABC show, they actually wrote a role for her. Cavallari plays a hot biology teacher who Axl (played by Charlie McDermott) and his friends cast (unbeknownst to her) as the video vixen in their music video.
“There was one scene in particular when I thought, ‘Oh my God, I can’t even believe I’m doing this,'” Cavallari tells Zap2it. “I’m doing jumping jacks for the class, explaining about heart rates and stuff. You know, the kids got me to do the jumping jacks and the boys are filming it… Having to do jumping jacks in front of a class? I’m like, ‘Oh gosh, really…’ I also had to do all that hair whipping around, too.”
Sounds like a blast to us. We also spoke to the former reality star about shooting the scripted show versus “Laguna Beach” and “The Hills,” and just how sexy she takes the role. 
Was there a learning curve when it came to shooting your role on “The Middle” compared to your reality show work?
People always ask me how different it is filming on a set rather than something like ‘The Hills’ or reality TV and they’re actually very similar. I know everyone thinks reality TV is reality, but we do everything five times at least. So, it’s very similar. And the only difference is having to memorize script. But even with ‘The Hills’ we had to memorize, too. I’ve also done five movies and been on a couple different shows, so I’m pretty comfortable on a set now. 

the middle kristin cavallari guest stars abc 2 'The Middle': 'The Hills' Kristin Cavallari fulfills every schoolboy's fantasy

They say in Hollywood that one should never work with kids and animals. Was it hard to stand out in your scenes with the boys?
Yeah, the kid who plays Axl, Charlie, I mean he’s great. I think he’s so funny. And it’s always fun watching actors work and seeing what they do with a script and where they go with it. He’s one of those people who’s really fun to watch. And his friends, also, on the show are great. The three boys together are hilarious. I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m sure that they upstaged me.
The “hot teacher” is pretty much a pop culture staple. Did you really play it up?
When I first found out, I wanted to wear glasses and have my hair up in a bun, like do the whole thing. That didn’t actually end up happening, which I was kind of upset about. I wasn’t the scantily clad teacher. I was definitely in sweaters and long skirts and stuff. I think for a high school biology teacher, it was the right amount of sexy. Just enough.
Watch a sneak peek of Cavallari whipping her hair back and forth below:

Kristin Cavallari’s episode of “The Middle” airs Wednesday, Feb. 16 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.
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