mindy project youve got sext 'The Mindy Project' gets flirty in 'You've Got Sext': What to expectDr. Mindy Lahiri (Mindy Kaling) hasn’t been in the happiest of moods since her breakup with fiance Casey in the first few episodes of “The Mindy Project” Season 2. She’s not exactly at her best in the newest episode, “You’ve Got Sext,” airing Tuesday (Nov. 12), but by the end of the cute, rom-com-esque episode (check the title for its inspiration) her luck could be changing.

Here are five things you can expect from the digital era Nora Ephron tribute:

1. Sexting.
Like the title promises, there are some flirty texts received and sent by some of our favorite main characters. This is a prime time show, so things don’t get too steamy, but the messages manage to be both hilarious and and squeal-inducing at the same time.

2. Catfishing.
Did we mention the people sending and receiving said texts aren’t necessarily who they say they are? It’s a slightly more modern twist on the AOL courtship of Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks

3. Glenn Howerton.
The “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” star has been around for a few “Mindy” eps, but so far hasn’t followed through on the promise that he’d be a new love interest for Mindy. After “You’ve Got Sext,” their dynamic might change. Ellie Kemper is also back as Mindy’s neighbor (slash ex’s ex).

4. A baby!
Someone’s pregnant…but it might not be for real. (It’s not for real. But it’s funny.)

5. A party.
Mindy’s annual Veteran’s Day bash seems like a lot of fun. Too bad it’s not actually a thing, and she’s not even there (despite the fact that it happens in her apartment).

Posted by:Jean Bentley