the mindy project tookers cousins ike barinholtz rob mcelhenney 'The Mindy Project': See Ike Barinholtz and Rob McElhenney as Tookers cousinsNow that filming for Season 3 of “The Mindy Project” is well underway, more and more intel is coming in from the show’s set. The latest reveal is a photo of Ike Barinholtz with his on-screen cousin, Rob McElhenney, which the former actor tweeted Tuesday (Aug. 12).

McElhenney is playing Morgan Tookers’ sleazy criminal cousin, Lou Tookers, who hits up the Schulmann & Associates office to fix their computers, per E! Online.

What we have learned from the new photo: Ike Barinholtz is way tall, both men can do a mean selfie pout, and It’s a Tookers family tradition to tattoo life advice on their stomachs. While Morgan has a problem stealing cars, it looks like his cousin has a problem with killing people.

Posted by:Jean Bentley