the mindy project french me you idiot mindy danny 'The Mindy Project': Mindy and Danny will be together 'no matter what happens'When “The Mindy Project” returns on Tuesday (April 1), Mindy (Mindy Kaling) and Danny (Chris Messina) will be together — both literally and figuratively. The first of the show’s two-episode block begins immediately after the co-workers shared a sexy kiss in the back of an airplane, and even if the ramifications of the possibly ill-advised romantic moment are bad, Mindy and Danny will still remain close.

“It doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to be together, says co-star, writer and producer Ike Barinholtz tells Zap2it on a visit to the “Mindy Project” set during the second-to-last day of filming Season 2. “No matter what happens, they will be — whether they’re friends, whether they’re dating — they’ll be together.”

Barinholtz says that when the writers began breaking Season 2, they weren’t certain the two would get together so soon, but it was a natural progression. “It’s that Darcy situation, you know? But there was still debate always — ‘Well, do we want them to be together, do we want them to come this close and then bring them apart again?’ But the way it started evolving was, ‘Well, you want to see these characters together.’ So I think that’s kind of where it starts to lead to it.”

Kaling tells Zap2it that the April 1 two-parter is a point of pride for her. “I’m so proud of the first episode back and how it deals with that kiss,” she says. “I think that because it was so impromptu and so passionate and sort of out of nowhere, it helped us think a lot of really funny ways that it could go.”

Here’s what you should know about the first episode, “French Me, You Idiot”: “It picks up right where we stopped on the plane [and deals with] the complications of what they’ve been doing on the plane ride leading up to it,” Kaling says. There’s also the complication of Cliff (Glenn Howerton) and the fact that his and Mindy’s relationship might not actually be finished.

And the second episode, “Indian BBW,” “is about a sex tape that Mindy and Bill Hader’s character had done when we were dating 10 years before coming to surface, it has catastrophic ramifications for the office,” Kaling says. There’s also the matter of the other Schulman & Associates coworkers finding out about Mindy and Danny’s tryst. That’s something that will happen very slowly, Kaling says.

“I remember when I was working on ‘The Office’ when Michael found out about Jim and Pam he was the first person to know,” Kaling says, “and what was really fun to do was to parcel that information out slowly. It’s so juicy so it’s like he wanted to just get as much mileage as he possibly could from this secret. So in terms of [other people] knowing about the kiss you’re kind of going to have to wait and see, but we really get to mine each character’s flaws and strengths to what their reaction is to that, especially Adam Pally’s character. We have an episode called ‘Think Like a Peter,’ which is all about him giving Mindy romantic advice, which is one of my favorite episodes of this new bunch.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley