the mindy project season 2 finale danny and mindy 'The Mindy Project' Season 2 finale: Mindy and Danny, together againIt had to end this way, right? Although Mindy and Danny embarked on a relationship earlier in “The Mindy Project” Season 2, they couldn’t be blissfully in love the whole time. But thankfully, the co-worker couple came back together in the epic finale.

The episode played out like a romantic comedy, which is clearly what creator Mindy Kaling was going for, with Danny and Mindy growing closer as friends while Danny plotted how he was going to get her back.

His plan backfired, since he essentially catfished her (with good intentions in mind) and the two carried out a “You’ve Got Mail”-esque email relationship before his big reveal crashed and burned.

Eventually, though, they realized they were meant for each other and ended up making out on the top of the Empire State Building (so very “Sleepless in Seattle”).

There were so many quote-worthy lines — “I’ll order what gave her an orgasm!” (nice try, Danny) — but the most satisfying moment came at the end when they were together at last. Did you think they should be together? Vote in our poll!

Posted by:Jean Bentley