mindy project tamra ray ron morgan xosha roquemore 'The Mindy Project' star Xosha Roquemore: Tamra will have a 'Clueless' moment with MorganThe cast of “The Mindy Project” has already hinted that Mindy and Danny might not be the only people at Shulman and Associates with a little workplace romance happening as Season 2 draws to a close. Morgan has always had a thing for Tamra but in “Think Like a Peter,” Tamra might finally start to look at Morgan in a different way.

Although Tamra has a boyfriend, Ray Ron, it sounds like she might be considering what Morgan has to offer. “She’s weighing her options,” star Xosha Roquemore tells Zap2it of her character’s love life. “I think she does have a thing for guys who are a little weird.”

Morgan might have more to offer than Ray Ron. “He has a job, he’s not a deadbeat, we work in the same field and I think we have more things in common,” she says. “We work together, and you know how in real life suddenly you can have a crush on somebody you never checked out at all before? It’s like that moment in ‘Clueless’ where she’s like, ‘I love Josh!'”

Tamra will struggle between her new-found feelings for Morgan and her long-standing feelings for Ray Ron. “Ray Ron really likes me but we’ve been together for 20 years,” Roquemore says. “Morgan does sweet things for Tamra, like when Ray Ron forgot our three year anniversary but then Morgan tries to do something to cheery me up. He does it so sweetly and he gets me and he makes me a better nurse. Yeah, I think Morgan has way more pros than Ray Ron.”

That sweetness extends to Mindy, too. “He’s a loving guy. He loves Dr. Lahiri so much and he would do anything to protect her,” Roquemore says.

But while Morgan will be totally invested in Mindy and Danny’s relationship, Tamra will register what happens and then move on. “We are all part of each other’s business in Shulman and Associates anyway,” she says. “We’re all kind of meddlesome.”

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Posted by:Jean Bentley