salem episode 2 the stone child The most insane things that happened in 'Salem' episode 2, 'The Stone Child'If you tuned into the series premiere of WGN America’s “Salem,” you quickly realized that the show was spooky as heck — the horror elements are strong in this show about the Salem Witch Trials. But the second episode certainly didn’t drop the ball in terms of including some crazy scary imagery. Recommended: Watch this one with the lights on.

However, no matter how scary “Salem” is while you’re watching, you sound like a crazy person trying to explain each element to your friend via mid-show text message. Case in point: The episode surrounded Mary Sibley causing a poor village girl to lose her baby via some scary witchcraft so as to frame the town midwife with whom Mary had an argument, but when you try to describe how the girl miscarried you have to type “some girl just pooped out a devil baby” and then you sound like an insane person.

The other scary/ridiculous things that happened in the episode included poor Mercy Lewis, still possessed, tied to a crucifix in a church and vomiting a crapload of blood and nails, and then Mary crushing a pregnant mouse to death with her bare hands. (Oh, and the midwife was hanged in the town square, another innocent victim of the witches trying to frame other people to shrug off suspicion.)

In all seriousness, though, the episode also featured John Alden and Cotton Mather teaming up to try to fight the evil invading their town, and Anne Hale pleading with Alden to stick around and try to knock some sense into her fellow townspeople.

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Posted by:Jean Bentley