the musketeers season 1 finale 2 bbc america 'The Musketeers' Season 1 finale: Queen Anne drops a bomb for Season 2

Anne was the queen of the mic drop in addition to France in the Season 1 finale of BBC America’s “The Musketeers.” In addition to having some serious leverage on Cardinal Richelieu after hearing him confess he tried to kill her, she also revealed that she is pregnant.
That revelation is a huge deal for the show, because as the audience knows, Anne is pregnant with the child of Aramis, not King Louis. With Richelieu seeming to have a vague idea that Anne’s baby is not the king’s, that could cause some serious trouble for both her and her Musketeer lover in Season 2.
As the four Musketeers note at the end of the episode, all they have at the end of Season 1 is their honor — no money, no love and no glory. But at least they did defeat Milady and Richelieu at their games. While Milady will certainly be back to cause more trouble, at least Richelieu isn’t going to be around when “The Musketeers” returns.
Peter Capaldi is now the newest Doctor on “Doctor Who,” so when “The Musketeers” Season 2 premieres, Richelieu will “be dead. He’ll just be gone,” according to Tom Burke’s interview with Radio Times. Maybe it will be the new Season 2 villain, Marc Warren’s Comte de Rochefort, who starts looking into the paternity of Anne’s child.

All around, “The Musketeers'” Season 1 finale was a pretty solid closing chapter to the show’s premiere season. Season 2 is already in production, so here’s looking forward to even more exciting adventures when the show returns in 2015.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz