“The Mysteries of Laura,” a new drama coming to NBC in the fall, is attempting to do something difficult on the TV landscape: mix murder mystery and comedy into one package. Starring Debra Messing, Josh Lucas and Laz Alonso as homicide detectives better at solving murders than dealing with life, comedy is pretty much assured alongside the death.

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Check out what the stars had to say at the NBC upfronts presentation in New York on Monday (May 12).

What is the show about?

Messing: You have never seen this on prime-time television before. It is a smart, exciting murder mystery every week — and a laugh-out-loud funny, very messy personal lives — all mixed into one show.

Lucas: My analysis is it’s Agatha Christie meets “Modern Family.”

Who are they?

Alonso: My character is Debra’s character’s partner, Laura’s partner. We care a tremendous amount for each other. We come from two different walks of life, but somehow we make it work. We work really well solving cases and also just being friends. These homicide detectives, they spend so much time together, they’re real friends. And that’s what we show.

Messing: I think Laura is the smartest one in the room, she’s whip-smart at solving murders. She has no dignity when it comes to her personal appearance and loves her children more than anything in the world — and is frustrated beyond words by her soon-to-be-ex-husband.

Lucas: I play her soon-to-be-ex-husband, who is also a homicide detective. He’s good at his job when he’s doing his job. But when he’s not doing his job, he’s just a rogue, could care less about anything except hanging out with his boys and having a good time. He isn’t necessarily the most reliable ex-husband/partner/father. I think he has a really great time playing with the boys, but when it comes to anything that is disciplined or school-oriented or whatever, he ain’t that guy.

“The Mysteries of Laura” will air Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC this fall.

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