the neighbors season 2 jerry springer lucy davis gi 'The Neighbors' Season 2 casts Jerry Springer and Lucy Davis

“The Neighbors” will return for Season 2 this fall, and casting news makes it likely that everything will be as weird as ever on the sitcom. Talk-show host Jerry Springer and actress Lucy Davis (Dawn on the original British “The Office”) will both appear as guest stars (according to

Springer will show up in the season premiere of the show. As he so often does, the host will be a moderator of sorts — a virtual sort, actually. There is no word yet on what the virtual Jerry will be moderating, but we can at least hope that it will involve a lot of yelling and possibly a chair toss.

Davis, meanwhile, won’t show up until the third episode of the season. She will play a character named Helen, described as an elegant and proper British woman who inherits a fast-food restaurant. Helen comes into the “Neighbors” world when Jackie Joyner Kersee (Toks Olagundoye) decides to pursue a career in the food-service industry.

Unfortunately for Jackie, some sort of “incident” may affect her chances at a promotion or raise.

“The Neighbors” Season 2 premieres Friday, Sept. 20 on ABC.

Posted by:Laurel Brown