the night shift crazy poster nbc 'The Night Shift' key art: What is happening in this crazy picture?

“The Night Shift” is a new NBC show set to air Tuesdays starting on May 27. It is probably about doctors or a hospital, but a close examination of the new series’ key art shows that “The Night Shift is about so much more.

Let’s take a look.

The first thing we notice in the photo is there is a man on a motorcycle. Contrary to all standard safety codes, this man is riding his manly bike through what appears to be a hospital waiting room. Why is he doing that? Obviously, this is because the man — T.C. Callahan, according to NBC — is tough and a rebel and not confined by silly rules!

If any of this were in doubt, Callahan also has stubble. All real men on TV have stubble.

But enough about our motorcycle rebel. “The Night Shift” has a large and diverse cast, according to the key art image. There are, for example, three beautiful women who are either running after Callahan or just racing to the future. More importantly, all of the women have low-cut tops and hair blowing in the wind. Please ignore the fact that their hairdos are all blowing in different directions.

Now we move onto the girly men who can’t quite keep up with the tough Callahan. Just behind the motorcycle is a fellow with clean-cut hair and a suit. He is obviously the killjoy who JUST DOES NOT UNDERSTAND the hero. That’s why he’s trying (and failing) to catch Callahan.

The other four men in the picture are a little tougher to understand. One of them (played by Ken Leung) seems shocked about something down on the floor. Is it a large rat? A stained carpet? The fact that Callahan is about to run over his fingers with that manly bike? Behind floor guy are two men of very different types — one tough, one frightened. Are they a couple? That could be fun. The final man in the photo is the guy with the bed (played by Robert Bailey Jr.) who just looks kind of lost.

Don’t worry, guy! We’re all lost too!

“The Night Shift” premieres Tuesday, May 27 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on NBC. We may or may not get motorcycles with it.

Posted by:Laurel Brown