steve-carell-office-exit.JPGThe powers that be at “The Office” have repeatedly insisted that Steve Carell wouldn’t return to the show for its series finale. As recently as last week, executive producer Greg Daniels said Carell wouldn’t be back.

According to one report, though, Daniels’ and Carell’s denials may have all been a bit of misdirection. TVLine says Carell’s Michael Scott has a “cameo” in the May 16 finale. NBC tells Zap2it it has no comment on the story, and Carell’s rep tells TVLine there’s no cameo.

The series finale takes place a few months after the Dunder Mifflin documentary airs, and it includes the employees, “past and present,” coming together “for a wedding and a final round of interviews.” The “past” part includes announced guest stars Mindy Kaling (Kelly) and B.J. Novak (Ryan).

In the wake of the documentary airing, it might be natural for the crew to catch up with Michael and get his reaction to being on TV. That could fit into the story while keeping with Daniels’ and Carell’s goal of not distracting viewers from the characters who remain in Scranton.

Carell has had one reunion with his former co-stars already: He joined the rest of “The Office” cast and crew in Scranton, Pa., on Saturday (May 4) for a farewell party.

Would you like to see Michael Scott one more time before “The Office” bows out?

Posted by:Rick Porter