office jimmy halpert 'The Office': Read 'The Adventures of Jimmy Halpert'In addition to bringing Holly back to Scranton, “The Office” Christmas episode offered up another gift: the latest online extension of the show.

(Some spoilers for Thursday’s episode below, so take note if you haven’t watched the episode yet.)

You can now read “The Adventures of Jimmy Halpert,” the comic Pam (Jenna Fischer) created for Jim (John Krasinski) for Christmas, online. The first three pages of the comic are at, detailing how Jimmy, through a cruel twist of fate, becomes a bear-man.

The comic also makes for a very sweet moment in Thursday’s (Dec. 9) episode: Pam sort of doubts her abilities as a gift-giver and isn’t encouraged by a few of her co-workers’ reactions to her gift, but Jim couldn’t be more excited or touched. Which is why Jim and Pam remain one of the best couples on TV.

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Posted by:Rick Porter