steve carell the office 320 'The Office' recap: CounselingOn “The Office,” Michael has to go through his six hours of counseling with Toby, but he doesn’t have to like it. Or even participate, as far as he’s concerned. He shuts Toby out and explodes in rage when Toby tricks him into talking about his childhood. Toby gives up and lets Michael fill out the evaluation forms, but he does it so badly that Gabe makes them do the counseling again. Which at least results in Michael transferring his rage to Gabe.

After a year and a half of being in sales, Pam suddenly discovers that she sucks at it. With no commissions coming in, she decides to become the office administrator. It’s all total bulls***, of course, but the way she goes about it gives us a pretty good idea of how Dwight may have gotten himself named Assistant [to the] Regional Manager way back when.

And the reason Jim’s not there to try to talk her out of it is because he and Andy are too busy grooming Dwight to help him reenact the shunned customer’s revenge scene from “Pretty Woman.” I know, but at least we learned that you shouldn’t go shopping with your hands covered in beet juice.

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