steve carell the office 320 'The Office' recap: Dressed to Kill (but Enough about Dwight)On “The Office,” Michael’s feeling guilty that Corporate launched an idea of Darryl’s that Michael shot down, but it turns out that Darryl went over Michael’s head with it. And when Michael finds out, he’s pissed. He turns the office Halloween party into his own personal vendetta over what he sees as a breakdown in the chain of command, but eventually Michael and Darryl resolve things by more or less screwing Gabe over. Win-win-win!

There’s also the lingering, awkward issue of why Pam and Danny never had more than a couple of dates back in the day. Jim and Pam are trying to be cool about it, but it’s just not happening. Which is why it all fits when after making a number of excuses, Danny admits that Pam was just too dorky. Took him two dates to figure that out?

And speaking of the Halloween party, the centerpiece is the costume contest with a coupon book supposedly worth $15,000 as first prize. Everybody loses their mind over it save Oscar, who is rewarded appropriately.

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