steve carell the office 320 'The Office' recap: Exit stage leftIt’s the day before Michael’s last day at “The Office,” which is weird because this show doesn’t usually stretch episodes out more than one day. But it turns out that today is Michael’s last day; he just didn’t tell anyone. This way he figures he can spend a drama-free day saying his goodbyes and giving his farewell gifts, most of which are pretty amusing.

In other news, Gabe is doing a pretty poor job of holding it together after being dumped by Erin at the Dundies, Andy has been given the biggest clients despite being the worst salesman, and Deangelo is beginning to come unglued. The willpower that helped him overcome obesity is cracking, and remember how I complained that there was never an explanation for how he got hired in the first place? Well, there is one, but they were clearly saving it, so I’m done complaining.

At almost the last minute, Jim figures out what Michael is up to, and still manages to give him exactly what he wanted while also somehow giving him the opposite, mutually exclusive thing that he also wanted, and yes, it gets pretty misty. A hooky-playing Pam nearly misses her chance to say goodbye, but barely catches up with Michael at the airport. It gets a little Lost in Translation. And at Michael’s “going away” party the next day, the troops finally start to realize what they’ve got on their hands when it comes to Deangelo. Which has to do with what’s on Deangelo’s hands.

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