threat level midnight 320 'The Office' recap: 'Midnight' ScreeningMichael’s finally ready to screen all of Threat Level Midnight for “The Office.” Pam goes out of her way to make sure nobody laughs this time, but she forgot to tell Holly how much it means to Michael. Which, to be fair, so did Michael. When she doesn’t love it as much as everyone else pretends to, he’s so hurt he stops the screening, is mean to her, and then watches the rest with everyone else but her.

As for the movie itself, it’s not as bad as you might think. Michael managed to get access to some pretty decent equipment, as it turns out. Maybe he knows some documentary filmmakers who owe him a favor or something. Anyway, Secret Agent Michael Scarn (Michael, who else) and his robot butler Samuel (Dwight) are called out of retirement by the President of the United States (Darryl) to foil an evil plot by Goldenface (Jim), who plans to blow up the NHL All-Star Game. Scarn learns to play hockey from a mysterious guru (Creed) and goes on the ice undercover, preventing the explosion and saving most of the hostages (except for the one played by Toby, obviously). There are also cameos by Jan, Roy, Karen, Packer and Pam’s mom Helene, as well as an actual dance number. Soon we will all be “Doing the Scarn.”

In the end, Holly apologizes, and Michael realizes his movie’s at Threat Level Midshite, but he’s so cool with it he even laughs along with everyone else. Yeah, don’t be messing things up with Holly this close to the finish line, dude.

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