steve carell the office 320 'The Office' recap: NepotismAfter “The Office” musical number, a quick post-summer update: Erin and Gabe are dating, Kelly completed her Minority Executive Training and now at least looks smarter, Dwight is now Dunder Mifflin’s landlord, and Michael hired his nephew Luke as an intern.

Turns out Luke sucks even more than Michael does, but Michael resists pressure from everyone to do anything about it, until he loses his temper and spanks the kid. Which solves one problem, at least.

Also, Pam messes up a prank Jim wanted to play on Dwight, so to make it up to him she has Kevin sabotage the elevator. This kind of backfires on her, as she subjects herself to being trapped in there with a very well-hydrated Dwight, but Jim has forgiven her, so it’s all worth it. Whatever.

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