office garage sale2 320 'The Office' recap: Rain On My ParadeIt’s the day of the office’s garage sale, like that’s a thing, and it sets a number of events in motion. One is that Darryl and Andy try to hustle some cash from Kevin by playing him at his old Dallas board game, but he gets the better of them. Another is that Dwight sets out to trade up to the most valuable item in the sale by starting with a thumbtack. At which he succeeds, only to trade it for Jim’s magic beans. Oh, and there’s something about Michael wanting to propose to Holly.

He actually sets things in motion the old-fashioned way by calling Holly’s dad. When word gets back to Holly, in deeply garbled form, it’s clear that her parents aren’t doing so great, and she feels the need to go home to Colorado. She’s prepared to propose to Michael so he can come with her, but he’s been spending the day preparing to propose to her. Which he does, and with the help of Oscar and Ryan and the Halperts and everyone else it’s dorky and perfect and I’m telling you right now I’m not going to spend a lot of time on the weecap linking to all the old episodes he brings up. And of course Holly says yes, and of course everyone is thrilled for them both — until they hear that Michael is going to Colorado with her. And just when he was starting to get really awesome, too.

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