the office the cover up 'The Office' recap: Serendipity DooUpon realizing that Holly doesn’t seem to share his assumption that they’re just going to automatically end up dating again, Michael goes into a black funk. Returning to “The Office” from a sales call with Jim, he insists on stopping to pee at a gas station. With exquisite bad timing, Jim gets a call about an emergency involving Cece (don’t worry, she’s fine, everything’s fine) and has to abandon Michael — with Michael’s cell phone and wallet in his car, no less. Thus begins a citywide manhunt that could have been resolved a lot faster if only the documentary crews could communicate with each other somehow.

But since it’s apparently impossible to operate a camera and a cell phone at the same time, Dwight, Erin, and Holly hit the streets. Two of them soon realize that the uncanny connection between Holly and Michael is leading them to him — at least for a while.

Back at the office, Pam is running a cartoon-caption contest. Gabe takes exception, because a lot of the captions make fun of Sabre. So they just end up making fun of Gabe instead.

Finally, through fate, coincidence, destiny, or whatever you want to call it, Michael and Holly find each other. Again. In more ways than one.

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