charles micahel davis the originals the cw newscom 325 'The Originals' Charles Michael Davis: 'Grey's Anatomy' character was 'kind of a douche'Zap2it: How do you describe the relationship between your character, Marcel, and Klaus?

Charles Michael Davis: They are good friends. Now Marcel has a shiny new toy, the city of New Orleans, and like a kid, he wants to show Klaus his new toy, but they just want to take it away. New Orleans is Marcel’s home, but Klaus is just a guest. His power is based on the inner circle in New Orleans.

Zap2it: What makes Marcel tick?

Charles Michael Davis: Love is a huge motivation for him. He wants love from his inner circle. He is looking for a queen. The originals are truly immortal and can only be killed by a stake of wood that doesn’t exist. Maybe they can find the wood on “Antiques Roadshow.” It is the kind of wood from an antique credenza.

Zap2it: Given his vampire powers and his movements, is this a fun character to play?

Charles Michael Davis I always wanted to be a superhero. He feels natural. He a character I can relate to. That’s the packaging he comes in. It is like playing a doctor or a cop or a football player. This allows for the freedom of expression.

Zap2it: What’s it like switching between “The Originals” and “Grey’s Anatomy” as a vampire and a doctor?

Charles Michael Davis: On “Grey’s,” the character is kind of a douche. Anything with vampires, I loved it. “Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles,” I loved. There is a certain swagger with vampires. And my role is to be a modern-day vampire.

Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler