the originals harvest ritual davina 'The Originals': Danielle Campbell on the Harvest Festival, chemistry with Elijah, and moreMan, New Orleans might be more screwed up than Mystic Falls. There’s plenty of murder happening on both “The Vampire Diaries” and “The Originals” (par for the course when it comes to vampire shows), but at least the townspeople in Mystic Falls try to stop human sacrifice instead of the ones in New Orleans, who seem to encourage it.

During “Sinners and Saints,” the fifth episode of “The Originals,” we finally learned how powerful teen witch Davina (Danielle Campbell) gained all of her power. She’s not a demon child, she’s actually just an innocent girl who escaped death. Davina and three of her young witch friends were honored to be chosen to participate in the Harvest Ritual, an undertaking that would bring more power to the coven and required a spell that put them to sleep for a bit.

Instead, she and her friends were actually systematically murdered. Sophie (Daniella Pineda) tried to stop the ritual to save the life of her niece, but it was Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) who intervened before Davina was killed — but not before Davina absorbed all her friends’ powers.

It turns out Marcel has actually been protecting Davina from the witches for the past eight months, but now (Daniel Gillies) wants to protect her too. Davina must now choose which side to ally with. “For Davina it’s not about whose side will benefit her the most, it’s who cares for her the most as a person and wants what’s best for her,” Campbell tells Zap2it. “She’s had so much betrayal by the people she called family, I think it makes her that much more cautious as to who she opens up to and who she trusts.”

She’s begun to trust Elijah, as seen in the chemistry-laden opener where Davina shows the ancient vampire just how much magic she has. “[Daniel and I] watched the opening part of this episode, and that’s our favorite scene,” she says. “I think it does capture some chemistry between us, which to me is really cool. It was awesome to have scenes with Daniel — he’s such a fantastic actor. I remember that day in particular, I had so much dialogue … I would start to mix up my monologues in my head. Daniel was so great and patient the whole day helping me get the lines.”

If the Harvest Ritual is completed like it’s supposed to be — which means Davina has to die — Davina and her friends will theoretically come back. If it’s not, all the witches will lose their power for good.

“It’d be interesting to see the ritual play out,” Campbell says, although the writers haven’t told her if that’s where the story leads. “I’m so torn because I think it’ll be cool to keep all these powers, but if the ritual doesn’t work, then I die. I kind of want to stay alive.”

And that’s not taking into account Sophie, who didn’t want the ritual to happen, now knows completing it will be the only way to get her niece back. It turns out she’s the one who orchestrated the Originals’ return to New Orleans. Leah Pipes tells Zap2it she understands where Sophie is coming from.

“It’s not like she wanted this to happen, she just didn’t believe in it and then saw it was working and it was too late,” Pipes says. “Sophie, I think just knowing where she’s coming from with that guilt, she continues to blame herself. That’s where all this drive is coming from to basically rectify her own mistake, which is really interesting.”

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Posted by:Jean Bentley