the originals bloodletting charles michael davis 'The Originals': How can new hybrids form without doppelganger blood?Apparently there weren’t enough forces vying for power in the supernatural New Orleans world of “The Originals,” because during “Bloodletting,” which also happened to be the long-awaited first crossover between the show and its sire, “The Vampire Diaries” (vampire jokes!), we found out that not only is Hayley’s miracle pregnancy going to spawn a creature we’ve never seen before, it has also led to the creation of a brand new kind of hybrid.

The witches have already expressed their terror at Hayley’s pregnancy, and now Tyler, who’s actually the one who kidnapped the pregnant werewolf, was here to tell us why: The theory is that Klaus will be able to use his child’s blood to create a new army of hybrids (sans that pesky, hard-to-find doppelganger blood) and thus obliterate vampires altogether.

Naturally, the best way to find out whether that’s true or not was to kidnap Hayley, bring her to a remote cabin out in the bayou where Tyler had found out her family was from, snag a vial of blood from her belly, and inject it into a willing werewolf.

Whaddaya know, it worked! But not like Tyler thought. While Klaus’ hybrids are sired to him, this new hybrid was sired to Hayley, causing Tyler to heart-punch the poor guy to get him to stop following Hayley’s orders to attack him. RIP new hybrid, we hardly new you. (Your name was Duane or something?)

This complicated bit of mythology is a little confusing, because all the hybrids we’ve known before were created from doppelganger blood. Hayley has no doppelganger in her (that we know of), so how could she create hybrids? Well, here’s a thought: The half-hybrid baby she’s carrying is nothing we’ve known before, so it’s likely the magical fetus inside her has powers we’ve only just begun to consider.

The hybrid thing gives us a lot to think about, and that’s not even mentioning the other excellent parts of “Bloodletting,” which included Tyler being a raging douche who kidnapped his friend and is now aligning with Marcel, Klaus being more a–holey than usual, Josh and Davina bonding in the attic over EDM, Hayley finding an old family Bible that might finally give her a clue as to her true identity, Klaus biting Elijah (that’s going to be fun for him), and Elijah’s most amazing Klaus impression.

What did you think about this new bit of mythology? What was your favorite aprt of the episode?

Posted by:Jean Bentley