originals 2 recap 'The Originals' recap: Hurricane Rebekah hits New Orleans ... and screws up Klaus' master plan?

Spoiler alert: if you have yet to watch “The Originals” episode that aired on Tuesday (Oct. 8), avert your eyes now. All others, please proceed …

All of the Original siblings were finally in one place as Rebekah stormed into New Orleans in “The Originals” episode 2, “The House of the Rising Son,” taking out 6 of Marcel’s vampires on her way. She sure does know how to make one hell of an entrance (check out our post mortem with stars Claire Holt and Leah Pipes here).

After Elijah had stopped calling Rebekah, begging her to come to town, she knew something was wrong (and boy was she right). She knew Elijah would never have just left town as Klaus was saying, so she stuck around to figure out what was going on. This led to hilarious and intriguing introductions with Hayley, Sophie, and Davina, and a surprising reunion with Marcel. It turns out, these two have a complicated history.

Flashback time! Back when the Original siblings were happy in their newly-built New Orleans, Rebekah was in love with the governor’s son, Emil. She even wanted to turn him into a vampire to be with him forever … now that’s some dedication. Too bad Klaus doesn’t want her to turn him, or any guy she ever loved. He killed Emil, because according to Klaus, no one is good enough for Rebekah. Over the centuries since, he kept killing every guy she ever fell in love with until she stopped falling in love. We always knew these two had a complicated sibling relationship, but this is taking brotherly love and protection to a whole new icky level.

Back in present day, Rebekah correctly guessed what Klaus did to Elijah, and found the family coffins in the basement “on standby” for when Klaus’ family disappoints him. The nonchalant way Rebekah told Hayley that her coffin was ready for her was chilling and more than a little depressing.

The only coffin missing from the room was Elijah’s. That would be because Klaus gave the coffin — with Elijah in it! — to Marcel as a peace offering. Marcel is keeping the coffin in Davina’s room, and used Davina to scare the crap out of Rebekah. Apparently this little girl is more powerful than any witch Rebekah has ever seen. Davina also erased the location of her room/Elijah from Rebekah’s mind. The one upside? Now Rebekah and Klaus have one common goal: find Davina/Elijah.

After Rebekah warned Hayley that Klaus would probably get rid of her after the miracle baby is born, Hayley seeks out wolfsbane, a.k.a. poison, to give herself a homemade werewolf abortion. Too bad the witch she bought the herb from ratted her out to Marcel in order to gain loyalty points.

Before Hayley can go through with her self-preservation, Marcel’s goons attack her. Before they could hurt her or bring her to Marcel, Rebekah stepped in and saved Hayley. The whole ordeal made Hayley realize that she actually wanted her baby. And when she told Klaus she was about to get rid of it, he also got upset and realized he cared about the baby too — and almost killed Hayley, who was saved by Rebekah once again.

Having to save Hayley multiple times in one night ended up bonding Rebekah and Hayley, and that bond was solidified when Hayley found Klaus’ daggers underneath Rebekah’s coffin and gave them to Rebekah. Nothing is stopping her now from saving Elijah, since Klaus has no way to incapacitate her.

The most interesting thing we learned from the episode was surprisingly not the fact that Hayley and Klaus both care about the baby enough to fight for it. The most surprising thing was revealed in more flashbacks: it turns out, Klaus didn’t just sire Marcel. He loved him like a son.

Marcel was the governor’s bastard child (Emil’s step-brother) with a slave he owned. Klaus saved him from a slave master, gave him a name (Marcelus, after Mars, the god of war), and raised him as his own. That is why Rebekah thinks that the witches’ plan to use Klaus to bring Marcel down will fail: they brought together two long lost souls and without Elijah between them, “who knows what they will do?”

Another shocking reveal? Rebekah also loved Marcel as a child, and then as he grew older their relationship grew into something more. But once again, Klaus didn’t approve. Marcel continuously begged Klaus to turn him into a vampire, and Klaus said if Marcel ever made a move on Rebekah, he would never turn him. Marcel and Rebekah kissed anyway, so Klaus daggered Rebekah “to teach her a lesson,” and made Marcel choose to either become a vampire or wake up Rebekah. To her shock and horror 52 years later when Klaus finally woke her up, she realized Marcel chose to be a vampire instead of saving her.

So that’s why Rebekah has a bug up her butt about Marcel, but what about the rest of the Original fam? When Mikael was running all the siblings out of New Orleans, they all thought Marcel died in the chaos. And instead of seeking out and finding the family that raised him, Marcel stayed in New Orleans and took all they had built as his own. He didn’t just survive, he thrived, all without his family. That’s why Klaus is so angry with Marcel.

Other notable events from the episode:

– Did anyone else catch that Matt Donovan shout out by Klaus? Classic. 

– Klaus wingmanned Cami for Marcel, but there’s a catch: she’s actually Klaus’ spy! He compelled her to go on a date with Marcel and be Klaus’ eyes and ears secretly. He also sent a vampire spy into Marcel’s organization: a tourist that Klaus compelled before turning him into a vampire and before Marcel gave him vervain. Klaus clearly has thought out his plan to the letter, and Rebekah’s arrival almost screwed it all up … almost being the key word.

– Marcel wants Davina to figure out how to kill an Original since it looks like they won’t be leaving town any time soon. He calls Davina “honey,” so that’s kind of weird. What is their relationship? 

– There was a lot of exposition this week just like the pilot, but hopefully that will ease off soon now that new viewers have had time to play catch up on the mythology.

“The Originals” airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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