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Warning: this recap contains major spoilers from “The Originals” episode 3, “Tangled Up in Blue.”

The Original family got one step closer to being reunited in Tuesday (Oct. 15) night’s all-new episode of “The Originals,” while the witches learned just what kind of bun was cooking in Hayley’s oven. So what did they find, and did Klaus get Elijah back from Marcel?

Hayley’s shipping Haylijah because why wouldn’t she?

Even though she only just met Elijah for a brief period of time, Hayley’s already shipping her and Elijah. Well duh, of course she is. All it takes is one meeting with the Original brother who always wears suits and knows the meaning of manners because he invented them. No judgements here, little wolf.

Hayley starts pushing Klaus and Rebekah to make a plan to get Elijah back from Marcel. She’s also been spending her time reading his journals, which prompts Klaus to ask her what we already know: why does she already trust and miss him, like everyone Elijah comes into contact with? “Because he was kind to me,” she says. This seems to surprise Klaus, since he has zero kind bones in his body. Maybe this baby will change that?

The spawn of good, or evil, or something else entirely unknown

Speaking of this miracle baby, a witch named Sabine hung out with Hayley while all the vamps and witches were out to play. She promised she could help find out what Hayley’s baby is without using magic, just some old voo doo trick her grandmother used to do. She tells Hayley that it’s a girl, but it’s actually … well, we’re not exactly sure. Sabine was overcome by something, and chanted “Nos omnia perdetu el eam” over and over again. Hayley tried to translate the words later that night but the language was unknown. What is growing inside of Hayley? Sabine didn’t look too thrilled as she was about to tell the other witches …

Klaus’ diabolical plan No. 13590273

Klaus is truly a master manipulator. In order to get Elijah back from Marcel, who was keeping him daggered in Davina’s room, he knew he would have to get Marcel to really trust him. The best way to do that? Have one of Marcel’s inner circle betray him in some way, and have Klaus step in to save the day.

Much to Rebekah’s and Klaus’ joy, they figured out a witch named Katie was in love with Tiery, Marcel’s right-hand man. A vampire and witch, involved romantically while a war between the two species was brewing? That’s just gold … especially when this witch was the one who ratted out Hayley to Marcel.

Klaus made his drained-of-vervain compelled vampire attack Katie, and Tiery, in a fit of rage, staked him. Since staking a vampire of Marcel’s is against his rules, Tiery is sentenced to 100 years in “the garden.” What is the garden? It turns out there is a fate worse than death if you’re one of Marcel’s subjects. The garden is a huge cave where vampires who have broken the rules are held captive, with steel stakes holding them inside a bricked-in cage. Never-ending torture, for decades. That’s horrifying, but remember Marcel was raised by Klaus, so he’s definitely not the sweetest guy you’ll ever meet.

So why did Klaus make all this romantic drama happen in the first place, besides taking out one of Marcel’s guys and putting another out of commission for a century? This was a distraction so that Sophie could perform a locator spell to find Elijah. Sophie convinced Katie to do a huge spell to try and take out Marcel in revenge, all to mask her locator spell. Davina senses the magic, but only focuses on Katie. Before Katie can stake Marcel, Klaus jumps in and snaps her neck.

Unfortunately, Klaus killed Katie a moment too soon, and Sophie couldn’t finish her locator spell without Davina sensing her as well. But fortunately, Marcel was so grateful that Klaus saved his life that he agreed to give Elijah back to Klaus. Rebekah is glad to get her brother back, but furious that Klaus killed Katie after they all trusted him — you see, he didn’t divulge his twist ending to Rebekah and Sophie.

Even though Marcel agreed to give Elijah back, Davina doesn’t agree with his decision. She won’t let Marcel give Elijah to Klaus until she knows how to kill an Original. Something tells us this won’t sit too well with Klaus and Rebekah, and no matter how powerful Davina might be, she doesn’t want two pissed off Originals gunning for her.

Klaus makes a surprising sacrifice

Though Rebekah declared that Klaus always gets what he wants, he actually made a surprising sacrifice for the greater good — well, the greater good of their plan, anyway. He clearly likes human bartender Cami — they even had a really powerful moment where they almost kissed — but he knows he has a mission. Instead of acting on their mutual attraction, he compels her to forget that she saw Marcel’s temper flare at his party, and to give him another chance.

Klaus’ compulsion definitely isn’t doing Cami any favors … she clearly has a history with bad boys that hurt her in the past, and her continued dalliance with Marcel won’t help. Plus, if it were up to her, she’d be acting on her feelings for Klaus, but he needs her as a spy inside Marcel’s circle. Either way, this won’t end well for her.

What did you think of “The Originals” episode 3? We certainly wouldn’t have said no to an invitation to Marcel’s party — that was one classy shindig. What we do object to is the amount of repeated exposition that still seems to be weighing down this new series. Yeah, we get it that not everyone knows the mythology that was already explained in “The Vampire Diaries,” but there’s really no need to repeat what’s already been explained and shown in the first two episodes of “The Originals.” We get it, the mythology is complicated, but we’re smarter viewers than you think. Treat us as such, please?

“The Originals” airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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