the originals season 2 comic con 2014 'The Originals' at Comic Con 2014: 'Vampire Diaries' crossovers, Rebekah returns

While Season 1 of “The Originals” was all about fighting for power in New Orleans, Season 2 of The CW’s “Vampire Diaries” spinoff is all about the rest of the Mikaelson family reuniting — and causing a ton of trouble, the cast and producers revealed at the show’s 2014 San Diego Comic-Con panel.

“if you strip away everything, the problem with being a vampire is your immortality and the fact that you think of people as food, which strips you of your connection with humanity and you start to go a little bit mad,” explains executive producer Michael Narducci.

The Mikaelsons might be vampires, but they’re forever bound as a family — and that’s in danger because both Ma and Pa Mikaelson want to kill their child. “Your mom and your dad want to destroy you so if you’re already crazy and you’re completely losing your humanity,” Narducci says, then “things are going to start to implode.”

Both Esther and Mikael are back, thanks to the Other Side falling on “The Vampire Diaries.” “When we decided to get rid of the other side on ‘The Vampire Diaries’ we knew this was our only shot,” says creator Julie Plec. “This is the only chance we’re gonna get to bring these characters back [and] it then defined the course of the whole season’s storytelling.”

Speaking of “TVD,” Plec says there’s currently a crossover idea on the table but it’ll only come to fruition if scheduling works and the story is necessary. “Creatively, it’s just got to feel like it exists only and solely in the universe of ‘The Originals’ [and] the story could not be told without that element,” she says. Plus, scheduling actors who work full-time on another show is “a freakin’ nightmare.”

Aside from the Original parents, we’ll also see some more of the siblings. Rebekah returns — she’s in the epic trailer with footage from the first three episodes that played before the panel — and so is Kol. (He wasn’t awake just yet, but it sounds like he might be back for a while.)

Seeing Rebekah means we’re also going to see Baby Hope, who will play an important role in Season 2. “Right now she’s just a baby and if Rebekah does her job right, she’s a baby who’s going to live a perfectly human existence where her vampire side or her werewolf gene will never be triggered,” says Plec — but of course things like that don’t always go as planned.

She continues, “Exploring what Hope means to the whole supernatural universe…is actually going to be part of this season and tie into a lot of the agendas of our villains.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley