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Warning: major spoilers ahead. If you have yet to watch “The Originals” series premiere that aired Thursday (Oct. 3), look away now! All others, we bring you back to your regularly scheduled recap:

And with that, everyone hated Klaus again. In a move that no one saw coming, Klaus daggered Elijah in the last 30 seconds of “The Originals” series premiere. Crap. Not Elijah! 

What on earth could have prompted this brother-on-brother fighting? Klaus finally listened to what Elijah had been trying to convince him of the entire hour: that family was power. Unfortunately for Elijah, Klaus also took that to mean family was weakness as well, and in his battle against Marcel for the control of New Orleans, he realized Marcel could use Elijah and exploit their family’s loyalty.

So out came the dagger, down went Elijah, and “No!” screamed the internet. How long will Elijah remain daggered? Who will undagger him? Will it be Rebekah, when she finally does come to New Orleans? Let’s hope so.

So what else happened in “The Originals” maiden voyage? Let’s break it down:

– First of all, congratulations to “The Originals” cast and crew: they managed to produce an hour of exciting, shocking, and compelling drama for both “The Vampire Diaries” fans and new viewers. That’s not an easy feat to achieve, especially when “TVD” viewers already saw a version of this pilot back in April. But thanks to the genius idea of retelling and reshooting the pilot from Elijah’s perspective, we were able to learn and see more of the story. While Klaus was off arguing with Marcel, Elijah was meeting with the witches, Cami, Marcel, and Hayley, calmly getting everyone’s side of the story and learning as many details and facts as he could. 

– Since some viewers had to be introduced to the Original family, we got to see more flashbacks to when the Originals became vampires — and realized Klaus was half werewolf — as well as their arrival in New Orleans. You know what that means: flashback hair! Despite the heavy exposition (which will presumably go away now that everyone is caught up), it’s always interesting to see more of the Original family’s history.

– Viewers weren’t the only ones being introduced. Did anyone remember that Hayley has never met Elijah? Despite both being on “The Vampire Diaries,” and being embroiled in the same schemes and drama for a whole season, “The Originals” premiere was the first time they had ever shared the screen together. It was kind of shocking … and hilarious, thanks to Hayley’s wit. 

– Hayley, pregnant with Klaus’ baby, is in the care of the witches as leverage to make Klaus and Elijah work with them to dethrone Marcel. In fact, Sophie had her late sister Jane-Anne perform a spell before she died tying Hayley’s life to Sophie’s as an extra precaution (seeing as how Klaus loves to go on murderous rampages when he’s upset and being blackmailed). They can’t kill the witch without harming Hayley and her baby.

– Klaus and Elijah had an epic fight scene where they finally aired their dirty laundry after centuries of burying it down. Klaus harbored so much hurt and resentment after their father beat him as a child — since Klaus was the product of an affair their mother had with a werewolf. Elijah finally apologized for never stepping in to help Klaus. It was a sweet, emotional, heartbreaking scene, especially when Klaus later stabs Elijah in the back. Looks like he didn’t fully accept his apology after all.

– Marcel controls the witches … though another witch! He’s hiding Davina up in an attic, and he believes the Originals are no match for Davina’s powers. He’s not afraid one bit. And in a shocking turn of events, Davina cares about Marcel … what is going on here?

Did “The Originals” series premiere suck you in? Will you stick around to see if Elijah will be undaggered? We won’t have to wait long: “The Originals” timeslot premiere is Tuesday, Oct. 8 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum