charles michael davis the originals episode 115 'The Originals' star Charles Michael Davis: The Mikaelsons need vampire therapyOne thing’s clear from watching Season 1 of The CW’s “The Originals”: The Mikaelson family is in desperate need of some therapy, especially after the latest rift. (Oh, you know, Rebekah just sent their father to kill Klaus, NBD.)

Star Charles Michael Davis tells Zap2it he’s surprised the family hasn’t sought out professional help at some point in their thousands of years of existence. “You’d think they would have thought about sitting down and meeting with a therapist or an M.D. or someone that is certified in their thousands of years, but I don’t know,” he says.

Well, a vampire therapist would be a difficult-to-find specialist. “They probably don’t have a google page where you can go to to find their Yelp reviews, reviewed by other vampires.”

Episode 16 of the show, “Farewell to Storyville,” will finally see Klaus (Joseph Morgan), Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Rebekah (Claire Holt) hash out their issues. “It’s a little therapy,” Davis explains. “They’re going to meet in the cemetery and they’re going to hash it out, they’re going to talk things out, discuss their feelings. Elijah’s probably not going to talk so much about his feelings because he’s very noble, Klaus probably has a lot of feelings so he’s going to do most of the talking, and Rebekah’s probably going to, like, butt in and say stuff.”

But before that, we’ll get to the root of their current deception when we see the details of how, exactly, Rebekah and Marcel brought Mikael to New Orleans in 1919, in “Le Grand Guignol.” “I think it’s kind of predictable, but [Klaus is] probably going to be angry. That’s a safe bet,” Davis says.

Check out Zap2it’s video interview with Davis below, where he also discusses the evolution of Marcel and Rebekah’s relationship and who, exactly, has the upper hand in the French Quarter these days.

“The Originals” airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

Posted by:Jean Bentley