davina the originals the big uneasy cw 'The Originals' star Danielle Campbell: The French Quarter is always going to be in a power warThe power struggle for New Orleans continues on Tuesday’s (April 15) episode of “The Originals,” “The Big Uneasy.” Star Danielle Campbell, who plays young witch Davina, tells Zap2it that the struggle is actually the French Quarter’s permanent state. “I think the Quarter is always going to be in this power war between every supernatural faction and the humans,” she says.

But although Davina was a key player in the fight before, she’s trying to sit back and let events unfold in front of her instead of being in the thick of the action. “Right now, Davina is focused on trying to harness her own power,” Campbell says. “She knows that there is a bigger war brewing between the vampires and the werewolves and the witches and everything revolves around trying to figure out how to deal with the other supernatural factions. I think Davina’s trying to figure out where she belongs even in her coven.”

Read on to find out who Davina’s siding with in the war, why she loves Cami and Josh, and if she even cares about Hayley and the baby:

Zap2it: Whose side is Davina on?
Danielle Campbell: I really liked in the last episode when Josh told her that she can’t run from it — it’s in her blood. She is a witch. Right now she’s trying to float under the radar so she can understand who she is and harness her powers and try to find herself. But at the end of the day she has been betrayed by everybody and the only people she knows she can trust are Cami and Josh.

That relationship with Cami and Josh is very sweet.
I think it’s a very foreign concept to Davina. Her family, even her own mother, they all betrayed her. She was betrayed, lied to her whole life. Marcel saved her, but even though he did what’s best for her he still lied. So I think what’s most important to Davina is someone she can call her family, someone she can lend her heart out to. Davina really trusts Josh and Cami because they are, in one way or another, in the same position as she is. They’ve been there for her and they’ve protected her so she’s really grateful to have them.

What does Davina think of Genevieve?
Davina knows that Genevieve came back from the dead. She is very wary but at the same time she knows that Genevieve is the one person who can probably teach her so much.

It sounds like in future episodes Genevieve might have a hard time controlling Davina. Can anyone control her?
I think right now no one can really control her because she’s very cautious when meeting new people. She doesn’t trust anybody, especially not right away. I think anyone controlling Davina, they’re fooling themselves right now.

Do you think Davina cares about Hayley’s baby and the vampires and the werewolves, or is she doing her own thing?
She’s never going to be able to run away from that. The witches, the vampires, the werewolves, they’re all in this power struggle over New Orleans and they’re always going to be intertwined. Hayley was one person who was completely upfront with her when she was living in the compound, so I think she does have soft spot for Hayley in that she’s someone who’s honest.

What do you want to see for Davina as the season wraps up?
Davina’s been used as a pawn for everybody so far, so I think toward the end of the season we’re going to see Davina really start owning her power and being her own person and taking a stand on her own life, really doing what’s best for her.

What’s the coolest thing happening in the rest of the season?
The writers have done such an amazing job with the upcoming episodes leading up to the finale. Everything starts piling on top of each other and all of the crazy plots and all the trouble that you’re seeing building, all the trouble that you’re seeing building, everything crashes on the finale and it just becomes a crazy show. The finale is I think really where everyone’s going to be jaw-dropped at the end and ready for Season 2 immediately.

“The Originals” airs at 8 p.m. ET/PT Tuesday on The CW.

Posted by:Jean Bentley