the originals season 1 episode 14 long way back from hell 'The Originals' star Joseph Morgan: Klaus will target Rebekah after her betrayal“The Originals”
Episode 114, “Long Way Back from Hell,” packed one heck of a punch for vampire/werewolf hybrid Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and his myriad trust issues. He found out that his sister, Rebekah (Claire Holt), was the one who sent the deadly Original family patriarch Michael to New Orleans to kill him so that she could be with Marcel (Charles Michael Davis).

Although there was technically some double betrayal at the end of the episode when Elijah (Daniel Gillies) stabbed Klaus so that Rebekah and Marcel could get away from Klaus’ rage, Klaus will be focused on Rebekah first when he wakes up.

“When Klaus learns the truth and comes out of it, he will see red and in that red will be Rebekah. That’ll be his target,” Morgan tells Zap2it. “She’s family, she’s known him for 1000 years, she’s his sister and he’s always felt protective over her. This is a huge and personal betrayal so I would imagine he would be most angry with her.”

He’ll be pretty mad at Elijah and Marcel too — “Marcel was like a son to Klaus, but that relationship only goes back 200 years so it’s far less than his brother and sister. I think he will be very angry with both of those two guys as well.” — but Rebekah will be the target of his rage.

Just when you think there wasn’t anything worse the Mikaelson siblings could do to one another, something like “Long Way Back from Hell” happens, but Klaus might be getting what’s coming to him. “It doesn’t seem like he does have any allies, does it? He has had a few nice chats with Father Kieran,” Morgan jokes.

In all seriousness, though, Klaus might have had a hand in his extreme loner-ness. “Look, everybody who sides with Klaus seems want to something,” Morgan says. “They know how that relationship is, because that’s how he manages the majority of his relationships — for personal gain. And I think that’s not working out to his advantage now because when he is put into a position which he’s not in very often — as a victim — there are not many people who are willing to stand by his side. I think he’s going to look around and see he doesn’t have many, if any, friends left.”

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Posted by:Jean Bentley