the originals joseph morgan long way back from hell 'The Originals' star Joseph Morgan says Episode 14 is 'horrific' and 'psychologically terrifying'Not to build your hopes up too much, but Joseph Morgan says Tuesday’s (Feb. 25) episode of “The Originals,” “Long Way Back From Hell,” could be the best episode of the series to date.

“My hopes are that [people] will look back on this episode as a benchmark of that’s where we found our beat, that’s where we found really what kind of show we’re going to be,” Morgan tells Zap2it. “We’ve had a great start, don’t get me wrong — the episodes have all been very good, but like all shows in the first season you want to find your base, where exactly you’re going to fit. My feelings are 14 is the right place.”

The episode is told mainly via flashback to 1919 New Orleans — which mean’s we’ll finally learn the horrible secret Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) and Rebekah (Claire Holt) have been keeping for nearly a century. The episode is gruesome and devastating — and extremely emotionally affecting.

“We’re really pointing our toe as a show slightly more horror-based, and I like that, as a fan of the genre,” Morgan says. “The episode, when I watched it, made me jump a couple of times. It was pretty horrific, psychologically terrifying and beautifully shot as well. There was some terrific photography in it. I think it’s going to be really enjoyable for everyone.”

Enjoyable for the viewers — definitely not for the characters, as the disclosure of the secret will have life-changing consequences for everyone involved. You’ll have to watch to find out what, exactly, the secret is, but in the meantime Morgan teases how Genevieve (guest star Elyse Levesque), one of the three resurrected witches, plays in to the episode. (She plays a major part in both the secret and the reveal.)

“[Genevieve] knew Rebekah back in 1919 and is tied up in this whole secret that Rebekah and Marcel have been keeping from Klaus for the last century,” Morgan explains. “With Genevieve returning from the grave with the other three witches, I think the witches are becoming a faction to be reckoned with. I would imagine their motivations are, like all of us, to control the town.”

He continues, “Genevieve has the ace of aces of up her sleeve with knowing that secret, knowing what happened back in 1919, and now the witches are holding Klaus and holding Rebekah, so now they can, if they play this right, engineer the whole thing so that the secret comes out in the worst possible way for that family.”

Spoiler alert: They succeed, and the fallout is dramatic. (This is “The Originals,” though, would you expect anything less?)

“The Originals” airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

Posted by:Jean Bentley