leah pipes the originals father kieran new orleans 'The Originals' star Leah Pipes: Will Cami stay in New Orleans if Father Kieran dies?Poor Cami: The lone human on The CW’s supernatural drama “The Originals” just wants everyone to get along. Too bad that with all the that’s never going to happen, especially since she’s burdened with trying to save her uncle’s life before he dies from a curse (you know, typical everyday stuff).

“In Cami’s perfect world it’s butterflies and sunshine and rainbows and love,” Pipes tells Zap2it, “but she’s ended up in New Orleans with a bunch of vampires and witches and werewolves, which is kind of the opposite!”

Uncle Kieran’s condition continues to get worse in Tuesday’s (April 22) episode, “An Unblinking Death.” “He’s seen better times,” says Pipes. “We did a little mini photo shoot of the O’Connell family camping and stuff like that. Everyone was happy. It was like ;Oh, if only we got to do this on the show.’ It was so cute. It was fun, but in between the saddest scenes in the world. It was bittersweet.”

Cami came to New Orleans to figure out what happened to her brother. Now that her Uncle is facing a similarly terrible fate, she’s desperate to find a solution. “She’s trying everything and anything. She’s open to suggestions if you want to tweet her anything.”

She continues, “[Cami’s] a smart girl, so she comes up with a controversial treatment, let’s just say that, but what she comes up with shows how desperate she actually is. But she’s not just going to sit around feeling sorry for herself and give up. That’s not who she is and that’s never who she’s going to be. She’s going to fight and fight and fight and we’ll see if she succeeds.”

Unfortunately, she’ll probably have to go solo on this mission. “She is going to fight this one on her own. She’s tried to ask for help but it seems everyone’s sort of either gotten in her way — thanks a lot, Klaus — or basically just said ‘No, sorry, bummer, man, nothing we can do about it.’ It’s not a hopeless cause for Cami,” Pipes says. “There’s still an answer and she’s determined to find it. [Father Kieran] means a lot to her. He is her last person alive and without him she’s alone. She has no interest in losing him. That is not an option for her.”

Hypothetically, if Cami isn’t able to save him — as it appears might be the case, considering the next episode, “A Closer Walk with Thee,” takes place at a funeral — she might leave town. “I don’t know what would keep her in New Orleans. As of now what’s keeping her here is the fight for her uncle’s life, so hypothetically if that’s not successful I don’t see why she would stay in New Orleans,” Pipes says.

Then again, there is the delightful little friendship circle she’s formed with similarly lonely Davina and Josh. “The underdogs,” Pipes calls them. “I can tell you it’s a challenge to work with those two only because we have so much fun together that it’s hard to keep a straight face while the camera is rolling. We will continue to be challenged by the writers, let’s just put it that way. The dream team is not over yet.”

Plus, there’s more hope for Cami considering Pipes has already read the Season 2 premiere, which will shoot shortly after Season 1 wraps. “I actually just read the first episode and I just can’t wait to see what happens in Season 2. Season 1 ends with such a bang and such a cliffhanger. You’re going to get questions answered, but then a whole new crop of questions are going to plague you all summer, I hate to break it to you guys.”

But after the first three episodes of the season, she’ll be just as desperate for more as the rest of us. “Did you see I tweeted at the writers? I will bribe them. I will give them flowers, alcohol and potentially even makeouts if they just give me some spoiler.”

Weirdly, no one has taken her up on the offer. “No one did. I’m super offended,” she jokes.

“The Originals” airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

Posted by:Jean Bentley