michael trevino tvd the originals 'The Originals': Michael Trevino talks Tyler's revenge against Klaus, being the first 'Vampire Diaries' crossover, and more

After Thursday (Nov. 7) night’s episode of “The Vampire Diaries,” The CW finally revealed when we would get our first “Vampire Diaries”/”The Originals” crossover … and it’s as soon as this Tuesday (Nov. 12) night’s “The Originals,” titled “Bloodletting.” That’s right, Tyler Lockwood is heading to New Orleans ASAP to enact his revenge on Klaus.

Zap2it caught up with Michael Trevino on set in Atlanta to discuss Tyler’s motivations for going after the immortal hybrid that essentially ruined his life. “I think Tyler’s agenda is revenge against Klaus, which is kind of a reoccurring theme,” Trevino tells Zap2it. “The last time this happened was last season when Tyler was getting his pack of hybrids and teaching them how to break the sire bond to go after Klaus, which didn’t end too well because Klaus killed them all. With this second act of revenge against Klaus, it’s kind of going on his territory. Tyler’s leaving ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and going to ‘The Originals.’ He’s going to New Orleans. I think he’s got more information on Klaus that people aren’t aware of, and that includes Hayley to a large extent.”

While Trevino couldn’t reveal too much of what goes down when he visits the Big Easy or what kind of information he’s armed with, he was able to shed some light on what exactly he plans to do — you know, since he can’t exactly kill Klaus without killing himself or his loved ones thanks to that pesky vampire family tree rule of nature. “Well, maybe Tyler’s on a suicide mission, right? Because if Klaus dies then a lot of people are going to die,” Trevino says. “But we’re talking about someone who’s killed his mother, and since the beginning of ‘The Vampire Diaries,’ Tyler’s been surrounded by death, with the death of his father, the death of his uncle, so this is the last straw. What family does he really have left?”

Trevino also says that plays a huge part in why Tyler left Caroline behind at college, and defends Tyler’s reasons for leaving even though it meant the end of their relationship. “Like we saw in the last episode that Tyler was in, you can’t just be going college and act like everything’s fine. You’ve got to close that chapter and in order to do that, he has to go after Klaus,” Trevino says. “As far as I know, [Caroline and Tyler are] a done deal. Because it’s not going to be easy to take out Klaus and heal that wound with the death of Tyler’s mother so I see that going on for a while. I really don’t know to be honest with you. It’s serious. It’s not a, ‘Let’s take a separation here. Let’s break up for a little bit.'”

Also fueling Tyler’s desire for revenge? Not only has Klaus killed his mother, but also his crush on Caroline led to the eventual “Forwood” breakup. “Klaus has always wanted to be with Caroline and he’s made that very clear. And his infatuation with her still exists,” Trevino says. “It’s kind of tough. We can only do that love triangle between Klaus and Caroline and Tyler for so long. So I’m glad that with what’s happening now, we’ve kind of finally put an end to that. Whether that’s good or bad for Tyler remains to be seen. But we’re finally going to address that and leave it and hopefully never touch on it again.”

So what’s Tyler’s first move against Klaus? According to Trevino, he’ll use the information he’s been collecting to make a smart, calculated play against the Original. “We will find out that he’s been, like you could imagine, roaming around with different wolf packs all around the mountains and that’s how he’s been gathering his information,” Trevino says. “With that, he comes fully loaded with information not only to give to Hayley but to backstab Klaus — not in a physical way, but just in a threatening way with what he can do to Klaus. It’s not really like a physical fight, it’s more, ‘I can do this to that person, and this to so-and-so,’ and it won’t be good for Klaus.” So there was a deeper purpose to Tyler’s adventures in the Appalachian Mountains, but Trevino says we won’t get to see what he was up to in flashbacks.

While most fans thought Caroline would be the first character to cross over to “The Originals” given her history with Klaus, the news that Tyler would be the first to jump over to New Orleans surprised — and pleased — Trevino. “Personally, to be the first crossover character, I’m super excited,” Trevino says. “When ‘The Originals’ first happened, we were all wondering, well are any of us going to crossover? Who would if it is that person? I remember during the hiatus Julie Plec informed me that they were planning on me switching over and I was super excited about that. It’s a new show, same cast members but new cast members, and it’s fun. I had a lot of fun over there and we’ll see that real soon.”

Despite being the villains on “The Vampire Diaries,” all the Originals siblings have become the de facto heroes of “The Originals.” So where does Tyler fit in to that new dynamic? “You could say that [he’s the villain],” Trevino teases. “You might see a little bit of Tyler from Season 1. He wasn’t really a nice guy, was he? We’ll get rid of the douchey part, because now everybody knows why he’s doing what he’s doing so it’s kind of vindicating it. It’s warranted. I think if we didn’t have the supernatural side of becoming a werewolf and dealing with turning on a full moon and then becoming a hybrid and being sired to Klaus, I think if we didn’t have that supernatural element, who knows where Tyler would have been right now. I like the ups and downs of where he’s been and with my episode of ‘The Originals’ it’s coming back full circle. But in a better way because people know the history of Tyler and what he’s been through, so he won’t be the football jock douchebag.”

Since Tyler’s main motivation is to get revenge on Klaus, expect to see him share most of his scenes with the Original hybrid. “It’s mostly, as you could imagine, Klaus and Hayley,” Trevino says. “But he’ll talk with a few other new characters that are in New Orleans. It’ll be good. I’m excited about it on a personal level. It’s the most and best material I’ve been given, and I’ve been given a great amount in five seasons. But ‘The Originals’ is a different show. It stands alone from ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and I like what they’re doing over there. I think people are really going to enjoy the episode.”

“The Vampire Diaries” crossover episode of “The Originals” airs Tuesday (Nov.12) at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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