zap photo eddie cibrian leann rimes 420 'The Playboy Club': LeAnn Rimes says Eddie Cibrian's show 'not all about sex'LeAnn Rimes knows a lot more about Hugh Hefner‘s empire these days.

The singer’s husband, Eddie Cibrian, is among the stars of NBC’s new Monday drama “The Playboy Club.” The show is being filmed in Chicago, so Rimes has been making that city her base while also traveling to promote Tuesday’s (Sept. 27) release of her newest album: “Lady & Gentlemen,” her cover versions of songs originally recorded by male artists.

“Yeah, I’m definitely around the Playboy Bunnies a little bit more,” Rimes tells Zap2it. “They’re the old-school Bunnies, though, which is great. The costumes are awesome, and the set’s amazing. They’ve truly re-created what it was back in the day, and it’s really beautiful. Once you walk in there, it completely takes you back to another world. It’s fun to watch, it really is.”

When Rimes is able to watch, that is. “We spend as much time as we can together,” she says of the busy schedules she and Cibrian are maintaining. “Last week, we had about 10 hours together, and that was because I flew in on a red-eye to see him on the set. We make the effort 100 percent to be with each other whenever we can … even when that means getting absolutely no sleep. We’d rather see each other than not.”

Rimes still is doing some acting herself, since she plays Burt Reynolds‘ daughter in the new CMT movie “Reel Love” Sunday, Nov. 13. With her ongoing involvement in that realm, she has strong feelings about people having opinions on something they haven’t seen yet, as with the early decision by NBC’s Salt Lake City affiliate not to air “The Playboy Club.”

“It’s really about these women who were liberating themselves, and the mob in Chicago at that time, more than it’s about the rise of the actual Playboy brand,” Rimes reasons. “It’s not all about sex. It’s definitely a lot deeper than that when you go into the whole story line.

“I hate it when people decide to judge something because of the brand or the name, without even watching it to make an educated decision. It all starts at home. You watch or you don’t, or you let your kids watch or you don’t.”

Rimes concludes “it’s a free country, and at the end of the day, it’s our responsibility to take care of our own. I don’t think that should be a decision made by a group of people who have yet to watch something.”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin