the preachers mistress sarah lancaster lifetime 'The Preacher's Mistress': 'Chuck's' Sarah Lancaster travels down a dark path

“Chuck” alum Sarah Lancaster stars in Lifetime’s newest original movie, “The Preacher’s Mistress.” Rife with all the drama a title like that suggests, Lancaster’s character Gwen Griffith deals with many more problems than Ellie and Awesome ever had to deal with during the entire run of “Chuck.”

In the new movie, Lancaster plays a single mother trying to get through her day-to-day while raising her son Alex. It doesn’t help that her mother Ellen is constantly trying to match Gwen up with various men in the hopes she can find love. But Gwen can barely balance work, her son and the online classes she’s taking until she meets her seeming Mr. Right, Ed Baker (Drew Waters), though he of course comes with a catch.

For Gwen, that catch means some major bad news. It turns out Ed is the preacher at a popular church and married with kids. Not a winning combination for Gwen’s hopes for love, especially once Ed’s wife — an heiress, of course — ends up dead. That’s when Gwen finds herself at the center of the investigation surrounding the woman’s death, all for unintentionally being the preacher’s mistress.

That synopsis sounds like a home run for a Lifetime movie on paper, but did Lancaster carry the role? Tell us whether “The Preacher’s Mistress” was all you’d hoped it would be.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz