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Sure, it’s easy to focus on the big drama in “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” reunion. After all, this hour was chock full of heavy. 
There is, of course, Camille Grammer’s constant fight with Kyle Richards over just how “delusional” Camille is. Then, there’s the big finale brawl between Kyle and her sister, Kim Richards. Both declined to speak about the history that led to the fight or Kim’s alleged alcoholism as if they suddenly realized that privacy was a right they didn’t give up when they signed on to the series.
But in our search to understand just what makes these Beverly Hills women tick, we weren’t interested in the commonalities between us. We’re more interested in the obvious differences.
Here’s our top 5 housewives’ rich girl problems:

1.) How can I come off more philanthropic?
Camille’s biggest complaint is that Bravo’s cameras didn’t capture more of her charity work and when she was there for others. You know the stuff that feeds her “Jesus complex.” Her words, not ours.
2.) How could I have let my gay houseboy freeload for so long?
We feel for Lisa Vanderpump in her whole drama with her former friend of 15 or so years, her gay houseboy Cedric. But, let’s face it. While we’ve all had freeloaders, most of us don’t have houses in which we only saw them after paging them or when we were strolling by the pool. Usually, they’re sleeping on our couch or our floor and we would have to step over them to turn on the TV. And, hello, the night he brought NSync’s Lance Bass home for an overnighter would have been a deal-breaker for us. Quite honestly, he probably was there for so long, because your one year of freeloading is like two weeks to us.

3.) How can I help kissing a married man when he’s an Adonis?
Camille wondered how it could be wrong to be overly affectionate with a married man when she and he were “built” like they are. That may fly in Beverly Hills, but let’s try that again in any middle class area of America where it would mean earrings would have to come off.
4.) How do I prove that my psychic wasn’t a set-up?
There was a  lot of back and forth about whether or not Camille set Kyle up with her psychic for hire and inspiration for “The Medium,” Allison Dubois. But, we’re most perplexed that she even has a psychic on call at all. In fact, we watched Kyle as she went to her own medium, as well. Are psychics like cute toy poodles in Beverly Hills? And if we were so lucky as to have a psychic of our very own, then we would totally liquor that person up, too! That’s called good times.
5.) How dare my sister say that she bought our childhood home and my first car?
Um. We feel so bad for you, Kyle, that you have to split hairs with your sister over whether her childhood acting career not only put a roof over your head, food on the table and you in a convertible (that’s just a guess). Bottom line, your dad may have been well off already, but Kim’s paychecks didn’t hurt. In fact, we think your childhood home was probably bigger, your food was probably more gourmet and your car was probably more sporty than it would have been if she didn’t work. There we go splitting hairs, too. 
What rich girl problems did you encounter during the reunion?

p.s. Cheers!
Posted by:Jethro Nededog