real housewives of new york on the view abc 'The Real Housewives of New York' bend reality on 'The View'

The line between reality TV and reality just got a little harder to recognize Tuesday (April 5) morning when “The Real Housewives of New York” hit “The View” to promote its Season 4 premiere on Thursday, April 7.
The most confusing parts of the interview for us was when Jill Zarin, who isn’t a reality TV rookie at this point, said she was confused that her fight with former cast mate Bethenny Frankel wasn’t just TV drama.
“You want to know the truth? I thought it was a wink, wink,” she says about their feud. “Sort of drama for the show and then we would make up. And it was in my own head.”
So, come again? Does that mean Jill’s M.O. is to fake drama for the show? And she was surprised that Bethenny wasn’t? Well, this season Jill says we’re going to see the real her. Let’s hope.
On the flip side, Kelly Killoren Bensimon claims she isn’t crazy. She would.
Watch a clip below:

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