real housewives new jersey reunion part 2 'The Real Housewives of NJ' reunion: You sentimental fail

We’re a bit shell-shocked after watching “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” reunion. It started out with all the things we would expect from a reunion. 
Issues were rehashed, there were a few flare-ups and Teresa Giudice, without a table nearby, flipped Andy Cohen instead. Now, that felt like we were on course for a trashtastic Part 2. 
Part 2 started normally with some talk about Danielle Staub’s run-in and subsequent charges she filed against Jacqueline Laurita’s daughter, Ashley. They talked about The Brownstone charity event and the related use of the derogatory gay term, F*g. Even Kim G. came by to ruffle some feathers. Then, things got very strange.

real housewives new jersey danielle 'The Real Housewives of NJ' reunion: You sentimental fail

Danielle pulled out a mannequin head with dark hair and blonde extensions. Never mind the sight of someone with her violent background pulling a head out of a bag. We’re giving her a pass for this strange reunion special. 

She wanted to prove that when Ashley pulled her hair, or, um, her extensions, that it hurt. Andy tugged until he almost believed that it couldn’t be done. What are you doing all those days at the gym, Andy? Forget it. We don’t want to know. After a much harder tug, Andy finally pried one of those babies loose. OK, Danielle, we get it – it hurt. We don’t think your demonstration made it any less funny, though.
Things got even stranger when Jacqueline proclaimed she had an epiphany during a break. She then apologized to Danielle for all the drama she had caused and for all the things she had said. Danielle then did the same and before we knew it, Teresa Giudice was apologizing, too. Was that mannequin head some kind of voodoo doll?
Thankfully, Caroline Manzo resisted Danielle’s voodoo and rolled her eyes with disgust. She was watching along with us and tweeted, “Couldn’t sit there and listen to the nonsense…. guess what…. I was right!!!! She hasn’t changed at all…..”

Yes, Caroline, we guessed…
By the way, how about all the promos that ran last week and this one saying we’d find out one housewife wouldn’t be returning? The announcement that never came? Oops. Oh, wait. Bravo just remembered their guffaw and pulled together a last-minute post saying (surprise!) Danielle is off the show. Really professional (and old news), Bravo.
We loved this season and the reunion is supposed to supplement our need for more. Anyone else wish they stopped while they were ahead? Sound off below!

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