martha raddatz vp debate gi Moderator Martha Raddatz is the real winner of the 2012 VP debateMartha Raddatz served as the anti-Jim Lehrer in the vice presidential debate. The ABC news correspondent kept VP candidates Joe Biden and Paul Ryan on task, rapping their knuckles with the proverbial ruler when they strayed from the program.

After Lehrer’s widely panned performance as moderator of the first presidential debate, all eyes were on Raddatz for the VP round — much like all eyes were on Biden for a recovery from President Obama‘s disappointing showing. Raddatz succeeded as a taskmaster, forcing Ryan to stay on topic when he tried to stray from discussion about Iran, and shutting Biden up when he attempted to talk over Ryan.

USA Today says Raddatz “kept the train moving.” The Twittersphere, for the most part, seemed to agree. Eva Longoria tweeted, “Martha Raddatz is the best moderator ever!!!” Roger Ebert took it a step further, tweeting, “I vote for Martha Raddatz to moderate all the debates.” David Gregory, host of “Meet the Press” tweeted during the debate that Raddatz “is doing a great job. Substantive and also maintaining control.”

After the debate, Raddatz tweeted a photo of herself posing with her family on the debate stage, with the caption, “Thank you to my wonderful family for all the support!”

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