real world explosion reunion 'The Real World: Ex Plosion' Reunion: Which roommates are still together? Who broke up? MTV brought the cast of “The Real World: Ex-Plosion” back together for the first time since they all moved out of the house in San Francisco, and in the months since filming concluded, a lot went down between the friends, lovers, enemies and exes.

No, seriously, a lot went down. Old flames got back together, long-term relationships ended, friendships were ruined … it’s almost like the months after filming ended were more dramatic than the actual months in the “Real World” house. So who is still together, and who broke up? Let’s run down the list:

– Thomas broke up with Jamie over her three-way kiss with Ashley and Arielle in the finale. It was apparently a knock-down, drag-out, blow-out fight, but they worked things out and got back together. They’re going strong, dating in Texas. And even more surprising is the fact that Jamie and Hailey are actually friends now.

– The most shocking piece of information revealed during the reunion is that Brian and Jenny are back together and are working things out. Brian even moved to LA and is living with Jenny in her apartment. But the other cast members aren’t okay with the fact that they’re back together after their physical fighting in the house, and Jenny broke down crying during the reunion, admitting she doesn’t want to fall into a toxic patter of physical abuse like some of her family members.

– Cory and Jenny aren’t even talking anymore, but they hooked up after the show ended when they were both back in LA. But when Cory saw Jenny “throwing shade on Twitter” he decided he “wanted nothing to do with her.”

– Cory’s ex Lauren is back in Michigan and they’re just friends. They say they’ll be best friends forever. Lauren also did not carry her pregnancy to term and didn’t want to discuss that experience.

– Jay and Jenna are no longer together. After the show aired, one of his ex-girlfriends contacted Jenna with evidence that he was still trying to hook up with her while he was working things out with Jenna, and she couldn’t trust him again. Since they broke up, Jenna’s been with other guys and she’s says it was refreshing for her. She’s happy to start over, and seems very over Jay.

– It wasn’t a good night for Jay. After Jenna revealed that being with other guys helped her get over Jay, the rest of the cast called him out for being shady and a fake friend. Yikes.

– The most stable couple on the show, Ashley and Arielle, are still together. No surprise there! They’ll be together for the rest of their lives probably.

– “Hurricane” Ashley moved to Paris with her new boyfriend. Her ex-fiance (that’s right, Ashley was engaged before the show, and that was the ex that would have moved in to the house if she stayed in the house longer than two weeks) skyped in to the show to confess that he’s still in love with her.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum