the red road season 2 jason momoa 'The Red Road': Jason Momoa says Season 2 is 'moving more into the tribe'If reports are to be believed, Jason Momoa has some big projects coming up. In addition to the release of his directorial debut “Road to Paloma,” he’s rumored to be playing Aquaman in “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.” But during a recent interview promoting “Road to Paloma’s” release, nothing got Momoa as excited as the subject of “The Red Road” being picked up for a second season.

“I met with the writer two weeks ago, and I know what’s going to happen — and you don’t!” he teases to Zap2it. “He just said a couple words to me, and my whole soul, everything in my eyes just went crazy. It was insane. I’m really, really happy to go shoot it.”

The six-episode first season is one of SundanceTV’s few original scripted series, and Momoa earned his spot on it after submitting “Road to Paloma” for Sundance Film Festival consideration. Now that it’s heading into Season 2, he can’t help but gush about how special it is to him.

“I love this show. It’s so godd*** good. I have a great f***ing character and there’s some really rad s*** that gets to happen,” he says. “I’m really blessed right now. I’m blessed. I’m really happy for the show and I’m really glad it got picked up.”

Though he was told to keep mum on plot details, Momoa did tease that Season 2 will head in a new direction for his character Phillip Kopus. “We’re definitely going to moving more into the tribe. It’s going to be going more in there,” he says. “There’s a lot of great things that are going to be happening. I’m just super stoked to go shoot it. The end of this season is going to be f***ing awesome. That’s all I know: It’s going to be awesome.”

While promoting Season 1, Momoa commented that he would like to potentially see his character and Sky, played by his real-life wife Lisa Bonet, have a romantic storyline. But after finishing “Road to Paloma,” where she plays a woman he falls in love with, he says he might not be able to top himself.

“In ‘Road to Paloma,’ it might be one of the greatest things ever. I thought she was brilliant, and she brought some of the greatest things out of me,” Momoa says. “There’s really vulnerable, honest moments that I have in there that I’ve never had before. A married couple capturing what it’s like to fall in love for the first time is f***ing hard. I don’t think I can beat that. It was amazing.”

He also says he’s going to wait on offering himself up to direct an episode of the series. ” If it gets a third [season], I will put my name in the hat, but really I would like to see Aaron [Guzikowski], our writer, direct one first. After that, I would definitely put my name in the hat,” Momoa says.

“Road to Paloma” gets a limited theatrical release on July 11 and will be available on Blu-Ray, On Demand and DVD on July 15.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz