the roommate3 'The Roommate' moves in at No. 1 at Friday's box office“The Roommate” brought a fairly young audience to theaters on Friday (Feb. 4) and sits at the top of the box office as a result.

The camptastic thriller starring Leighton Meester and Minka Kelly earned an estimated $6.4 million at the box office in its first day of release. That’s in line with predictions that have it making in the neighborhood of $15 million for the weekend. If those predictions turn out to be true, the movie will make all (or nearly all) of its production budget back this weekend. (Depending on who you read, the film cost between $8 million and $16 million to make.)

About three-fourths of the audience for the movie was under 25, according to studio tracking.

“The Roommate” currently sits at the top of what’s expected to be a pretty soft weekend at theaters, with much of the country still plagued by awful weather and the Super Bowl likely to keep audiences away on Sunday. The weekend’s other wide release, “Sanctum,” finished second on Friday with a $3.6 million take.

“No Strings Attached” came in third on Friday with an estimated $2.9 million, continuing its healthy run. The rom-com dipped only about 33 percent from its earnings last Friday. “The King’s Speech” ($2.3 million) and “The Rite” ($1.9 million) rounded out the top five.

Posted by:Rick Porter