tsc gale harold crystal 'The Secret Circle' E.P.: Gale Harold's Charles examines his choices in the face of tragedyWe’re still recovering from last week’s shocking episode of “The Secret Circle.” Now that we’ve had a chance to watch it a couple of times (yeah, we do that), we’re finding ourselves intrigued not only with the unexpected death of Nick (Louis Hunter) and its impact on his friends, but also on its impact on the adult characters.

The scene where Charles (Gale Harold) drowned Nick was one of the most powerful moments we’ve seen thus far in the series, particularly for Harold as an actor, who conveyed Charles’ horror beautifully.

We spoke with executive producer Andrew Miller about just what Nick’s death means for Charles in particular. Miller tells us that Thursday’s upcoming episode gives us some new insight into Charles’ character.

“His episode on Thursday is pretty amazing to
watch,” he says. “Gale, obviously, is such a gifted actor. What’s so great about
having guys that can play this wide range of emotions is that you just
want to give them a ton to do.”

We saw Charles murder Cassie’s mother pretty coldly in the first episode of the series. He barely broke a sweat as his former friend burned to death. “With Charles, on one hand you get this
diabolical evil that you see in the pilot, and on the other, you see
this desperate, childlike, anguish and agony as he’s dealing with this
horrible thing he’s done now,” Miller tells us. “His true character lies somewhere in between those

Nick’s death certainly has a ripple effect on the remaining five witches in his circle, but Miller says there will be consequences for Charles and Dawn as well. “You start going down a
path, you choose this partner in Dawn to execute a plan, you just
don’t expect that it’s going to lead you down this dark road,” he explains. “The way he deals
with Nick’s death is going to be different from what he expects, what
Dawn expects, and definitely from what we expect.”

Miller understand the fans’ strong reaction to the death, but implores that strong reactions are a good thing. “I’m sitting at the heels of a great storytelling master named Kevin [Williamson]. Vicki dying [on ‘Vampire Diaries’] I’ll never forget, and Anna dying I’ll never forget. When
that happened on ‘Vampire,’ and when Ian [Somerhalder] died on ‘Lost’ for that matter,
it makes you go ‘Okay, this is a show where literally anything can
happen, and will.’ That’s the kind of show that I love as a fan and the
kind of show that I love as a writer.”

Now that the safety net has been yanked out from underneath us, we’ll see another side of our favorite characters. “Sadly, for Nick and
for Louis, what this death allows us to do is to examine the
characters in a way that we couldn’t have otherwise,” he says. “In the face of
real tragedy, who are you?”

When it comes to Charles, Dawn, and their secret from 16 years ago, Miller promises that we won’t be waiting too long to understand. “We’re definitely going to get answers. I’m such a huge fan of these kinds of shows, and I know how frustrating it is to spend a whole season being like, ‘Maybe next week! Maybe next week!’ so I don’t want to play that game with people. At the same time, the mystery of 16 years ago is so complicated and there’s a lot to discover, so I think we kind of get the best of both worlds. We are going to very soon be actively revealing information about what happened, in a satisfying way, not in a constant teasing way. At the same time, there’s a lot to discover about what happened then, and even before.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie