tsc cast large 'The Secret Circle' Twitter intel: Welcome to the covenAfter viewing “The Secret Circle” pilot a whole bunch of times (yes, we liked it that much!) we feel it’s our duty to prepare you for what’s sure to be your new favorite show. The CW just released this brand new cast photo. We’ll give you a moment to appreciate the hotness.

You done? We figured we’d take the opportunity to properly introduce the cast. And by “introduce” them, we obviously mean “let you know where you can follow them on Twitter.” There’s nothing like a brand new show to inspire plenty of fake profiles, so here are the official, confirmed Twitter accounts where you can follow the cast… for real.

Britt Robertson (Cassie) is at @RealBritt_Rob. You’ll recognize her from the gone-too-soon “Life Unexpected,” “Swingtown,” and of course “Scream 4.”

Her love interest, Adam, is played by Thomas Dekker of “The Sarah Connor Chronicles” and “Heroes” fame. Follow his tweets at @TheThomasDekker.

The whole love interest thing is complicated by Diana (okay, and the fact that they’re all witches). She’s played by Shelley Hennig, a “Days of Our Lives” vet — and, lest we forget, 2004’s Miss Teen Louisiana. Shelley’s at @shelleyhennig.

Diana’s greatest adversary is mean girl witch Faye, who gets her impressive strut from Australian actress Phoebe Tonkin (@1PhoebeJTonkin). You can also keep up with her blog at http://empressmoonchild.blogspot.com/ because she’s savvy like that.

Jessica Parker Kennedy (Melissa) and Louis Hunter (Nick) don’t have official twitters — but you can learn more about their characters here. You can also follow Natasha Henstridge, who plays Faye’s mother, Dawn, at @nathenstridge.

Accept no imitations, and be sure to tune in to The CW at 9 p.m. EST on Sept 15, after “The Vampire Diaries” returns.

secret circle faye adam cassie 'The Secret Circle' Twitter intel: Welcome to the coven

secret circle diana 'The Secret Circle' Twitter intel: Welcome to the coven

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie