the shins snl The Shins visit Jonah Hill on 'Saturday Night Live'This isn’t The Shins‘ first time in the national spotlight — those honors go to the movie “Garden State,” in which Natalie Portman‘s character shared the wonder of the indie pop band with Zach Braff, saying, “You gotta hear this one song — it’ll change your life; I swear.”

The band is back with a new album, “Port of Morrow,” which comes out March 20, and appeared on the Jonah Hill-hosted “Saturday Night Live” in advance of its release.

Frontman James Mercer performed new single “Simple Song,” followed by the new track “It’s Only Life,” on March 10’s “SNL.” We’re big fans of the band, so we were delighted to see them get such great exposure. The new songs are great, and the performance rocked — especially compared to some of this season’s musical guests.

What did you think? Were you familiar with the band before? Check out the performances below and let us know what you think.

Posted by:Jean Bentley