the simpsons lego episode date lego shop 'The Simpsons' LEGO episode 'Brick Like Me' gets a plot synopsis and air date

“The Simpsons” LEGO episode has an air date. The 550th episode, “Brick Like Me,” is scheduled to air Sunday, May 4 on FOX.

Scheduled to land on the second Sunday of the May sweeps period, “Brick Like Me” finds Homer Simpson in a world where everyone in Springfield has turned into LEGO creations. Homer then has to “put together” the pieces of the story in order to turn to his real, animated home.

This isn’t it for LEGOs and “The Simpsons” — the toy brick company has announced a “Simpsons”-themed set. Thus, fans can recreate “Brick Like Me” as often as they want.

Currently on hiatus, “The Simpsons” Season 25 returns Sunday, March 9 on FOX.

Posted by:Laurel Brown