marge simpson real life the simpsons 'The Simpsons': Real life Marge Simpson model might give you nightmares

It’s always been accepted that characters on “The Simpsons” look similar to human beings, so that must be what they are. A new photo creeping around the internet might make you think twice, though.
Russian photographer Alexander Khokhlov, along with hair stylist Mikhail Kravchenko and make-up artist Veronica Ershova took one model and created a real-life Marge Simpson. The outcome is cool, but also a bit horrifying.
As for how it was done, Khokhlov explains, “Marge Simpson is a cult cartoon character in the present world. We love Marge, that’s why we decided to make her alive using the skills of make-up, hairstyle, floristics and photography. It was important to pay attention to the details of original image. Veronica Ershova, the make-up artist, painted the model face and the stylist Mikhail Kravchenko created the huge hair – the calling card of Marge’s image. We wanted to make unusual hairstyle and Mikhail used real chrysanthemums painted in blue and special frame. With the real flowers we achieved necessary volume and texture.”
If that’s not enough, the photographer has also shared a behind-the-scenes video on creating the photo and all the work it took to change the model into Marge. You can see that below.

Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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