stevecarell theoffice s6 290 'The Simpsons': Steve Carell to join as Fat Tony's accountantSteve Carell may have retired from “The Office,” but that doesn’t mean he’s done with prime time comedy. The funny man has signed up to guest voice on an upcoming episode of “The Simpsons.

EW is reporting that Carell will take on the role of Dan Gillick, the high-strung accountant who works for mobster Fat Tony (Joe Mantegna). Things will get tough for Gillick when he might have to run the mob while Fat Tony is on jury duty.

“He’s nervous, and then Fat Tony says that he’s got to kill some people and then he’s really nervous because he actually wants to do it,” says show EP Al Jean. “The line between Ivy League MBA and ruthless murderer is a very thin one.”

Dan, clearly not good at reading the tea leaves, seeks advice from Homer on what to do. The two meet initially while bowling.

So Zappers, are you excited about this future episode?

Posted by:David Eckstein